I'm Victor, and this is my website; while there are websites like it, this one is mine. I write (and write about) software that automates and augments human expertise, but I also think a lot about how computers can make us smarter and more humane. That said, I fully acknowledge, this website is weird. If you are okay with that, read on.

My academic work sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human expertise, specifically, the potential and pitfalls of human-machine collaboration. I also develop software professionally. Over the years, I have developed tools to help specialists—surgeons, relief workers, archivists—manage the complexity of their ever increasing data, although now I work primarily in clinical trials and medical informatics.

Articles are categorised as: work, writing on software design and development; study, covering my research on artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind, and their intersection; and lastly, play, an exploration of "games", broadly construed, our design and understanding of them, plus their value as models of commonplace social interaction.

For my motivations on writing it in the first place, check here. If you are curious about the design philosophy of this site (or "why does everything look like this?"), here is an article for that too.